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Technique Classes
We are very excited to announce the opening of our two new classes for those in love with the world of Ballroom dancing and wishing to take their knowledge of technical aspects of it to the next level ! 

Mastering the Basics:
 The class focusses on basic principles and exercises in Ballroom dancing that will help you master your fundamental skills like lowering, moving, posture, etc. It is  suitable for Social dancers with knowledge of basic figures up to Open Category competitors.   The class runs every Thursday night 7.45-8.45 pm and is taught by either Tomasz or Iaroslava, and sometimes both. 
​Class fee : £10 pp 

First class is FREE ! 

Ballroom Technique Master Class
 The class will help you apply the fundamental principles of the ballroom technique to the advanced figure combinations of the five ballroom dances: Slow Waltz, Tango, Viennese Waltz, Slow Foxtrot and Quickstep.
Class is suitable for Medallist, Pro-Am and Open circuit competitors as well as advanced Social dancers. Children are welcome, but must be of a competitive level.
The class is run by both Tomasz and Iaroslava on Tuesday night from 8.00-9.30pm.


Both classes take place at the Ukrainian Social Club in Holland Park. Both classes run on weekly basis with the occasional exception. 

Class fee: £15 pp 

First class is FREE ! 

Both classes (8 sessions) are at a discounted fee of £80 pp!

Practice space is available -please enquire!

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