Born in Bytom, Poland, Tomasz started dancing at the age of ten and has been competing ever since. He studied with the best teachers in Poland as well as with top international  coaches who helped him achieve the highest class in  International Ballroom and Latin. In his Amateur career Tomasz was a finalist in numerous regional, national and international competitions. In 2009 he became the South of Poland vice-champion in Ballroom, achieving great results in major world ranking tournaments such as the UK Open and the International Championships. Tomasz is now continuing his competitive career in the  Professional Ballroom category.

Tomasz moved to the UK to work with numerous former World Champions. He now represents England in the Professional Ballroom category with his partner Iaroslava.

Tomasz has been teaching for over ten years. Working with dancers at levels from the total beginner to registered competing couples, he teaches both basic and advanced technique in a clear and comfortable manner. Tomasz enjoys working on the dynamics of dancing as a couple, and developing this is his prime motivation.

About Tomasz 

Photo by J.Mildenhall