Born in Dnipro, Ukraine, Iaroslava took gymnastics and music classes from the age of 6. In the following years she took on classes in ballet, jazz and contemporary dance, which helped with the development of her Ballroom and Latin dancing. She has competed since the age of 12, becoming a finalist in national Junior, Youth and Amateur competitions, and regional 10 dance champion.

 Iaroslava has been taught by world class coaches throughout her career, taking workshops, private lessons and attending training camps continuously to develop her technique and performance skills. She has competed in many Open to the World events, achieving success in the German Open, the International Championships, the  Imperial Championships, Gran-Prix Dynamo (Russia), Blackpool Dance Festival and the World Championships.

 In 2008 Iaroslava moved to the UK to continue her professional development in Modern Ballroom style. She turned Professional in 2014, representing England, and became the South of England Professional champion in 2015.

 Iaroslava has over 10 years of teaching experience, choreographing routines, performances and helping students of various ages and abilities to reach their goals, whether they wish to learn a few steps, feel confident at their wedding dance or compete in competitions in either Modern Ballroom or Latin styles.

 Iaroslava currently lives and works in London, continuing her professional career with her partner Tomasz. 

About Iaroslava 

Photo by J.Mildenhall